Patient Testimonials

The following testimonials are all from our own patients over the last 10+ years. We are extremely proud of them. 

*Not all patients want their identity to be shown. 

“Dr. Baric is friendly, knowledgeable and flexible. I am a local university student. I went for 40 sessions and I felt like a different person. I was able to focus on my school work with reduced anxiety and more attention. For the first time in my academic career I was able to achieve a 3.9 semester GPA which put me on the semester’s Dean’s List. I love this place and want to do more sessions. I tell everyone about this outstanding place.”

“[I] feel truly grateful that I found Dr. Baric. My anxiety & mind was in a deep spiral when I found them. I was also having multiple panic attacks. I am over 40 sessions in and since [I] have started I have not had a panic attack and also I have learned how to control my anxiety and stress. Dr. Baric and his entire team is absolutely incredible and make you feel incredibly comfortable! You will not regret giving neurofeedback a try!”

“Dr Baric and his whole team at MyBrainDr are amazing. We’ve been taking our son for neurofeedback for the last two years. He is on the autism spectrum. We’ve seen a reduction in anxiety and an increase is social skills and engagement since he started the treatments. He reports the treatments help him feel “more relaxed”. I only wish we had found Dr Baric sooner!”

“I enrolled in a one-year masters study program knowing I had problems with memory and processing what people say. Dr. Baric helped tremendously! I have been able to thrive in the program in no short part due to the enhanced abilities obtained through this therapy. The staff are all wonderful individuals. Thank you Dr. Baric and Team for your support this year.”

“I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Baric and his staff!! They are so friendly and create a welcoming environment. I’m on session 9 of Neurofeedback therapy and my symptoms have lessened, I’m happy I’ve found them. Everything is explained thoroughly, and everyone is very good at answering my questions. Thanks so much for helping improve my life!!!”

“Provider was very knowledgeable, and explained things in a way that we could all understand. Even though we the parents were in the room he talked to my son and cared about what my son had to say.”

“No where near as overwhelmed as before having sessions here! Not as anxious about things that come up at the last minute I can’t control & the best part? You can watch a new cool show or a nostalgic one while you’re improving your brain function! 😁”

“I can’t properly express the difference that neurofeedback sessions at Dr. Baric’s office in Cary have made in our household. We were skeptical about the results we would get, but decided to give the treatment a try after it was recommended by one of our doctors. Wow! Every few sessions now, we are noticing quantifiable improvements in mood and behavior. From the initial consultation to our regular appointments, everyone in the office has been professional, informative, and compassionate. Questions are answered thoroughly and in a timely fashion, which seems harder and harder to find in medical offices. Dr. Baric and his entire staff are running an office that is obviously extremely successful, yet they still manage to be efficient and caring. I’ve sent multiple referrals now and everyone I know is equally satisfied.”

“This is an AMAZING place! Not only are the results from neurofeedback absolutely stunning, but the Dr and the staff are super! Engaged, caring and knowledgeable and make you feel welcome and cared for!!”

“My son with ADHD tried medication for three months–he lost 10 pounds! He looked like a skeleton. After only four Neurofeedback sessions, the teacher said that he was participating in class and doing so much better. Would I recommend Neurofeedback to my friends and family? Yes, yes, yes!”

“I absolutely loved my experience from start to finish at Neurofeedback Raleigh! I highly recommend neurofeedback therapy because it simply works. I checked other places offering these same services and I chose to trust my brain health to Robert Baric and his amazing staff.”

“Did 40 sessions with Dr. Baric and the Cary team. After the first 20 my anxiety was significantly better, no more heart racing and sweating. My sleep was also more efficient, I felt more rested on less sleep than before. Overall, I am much more cool, calm, and collected in all situations. Highly recommend to anyone, medicated or not. If you are trying to come off anxiety/depression/other meds, this can likely help.”