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About us at Neurofeedback Raleigh

Dr. Robert Baric, DC, BCN


Drawing from an extensive clinical background spanning over 28 years, Dr. Robert Baric stands as a dedicated advocate for well-being. In 2016, he introduced Neurofeedback Therapy to Raleigh, showcasing his commitment to progressive methodologies.

With esteemed memberships in BIANC (Brain Injury Association of NC) and ISNR (International Society for Neurofeedback and Research), Dr. Baric has an unwavering dedication to pioneering health practices. His credentials encompass acupuncture, nutrition, pediatric chiropractic, and a diverse range of chiropractic techniques. Yet, it is within the realm of Neurofeedback Therapy that his true passion comes to life—an influential technique centered around optimizing brain function. Rooted in the fundamental principle of addressing core health concerns, Dr. Baric personifies a holistic perspective, empowering individuals on their journey towards sustained well-being.